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How to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Interior Design, Seasonal

We tend not to go all out for Halloween but like to make some effort. My decorating style is more on the softer rather than the scary side. I can’t watch “Scream” without getting nightmares and I seemed to have passed on this to the kids so we tend to go for cute, spooky Halloween decorations rather than all out gore.

For me it’s important to try to use natural elements if possible. Not that I completely avoid plastic but if I do buy something plastic I will make sure to use it year after year.

In my mind it’s always more fun to make your own decorations and add a personal touch to things.

Halloween decorated mantelpiece featuring spooky DIY decorations

Spooky Black Bats

One of my favourite spooky DIY Halloween decorations to make are these simple black bats. They graced the wall of our kitchen two years ago, last year the hallway and this year the fireplace. They are very easy to make. You can stick them on and take them off. They can be used year after year so are sustainable as well. And when they do wear out you can recycle them as they are made from card.

When you are sticking them up this is definitely a case of more is more so go all out.

DIY Halloween decorations are black bats in a white hallway

Miniature Pumpkins

Another effective but simple decoration is miniature pumpkins. You can pick them up at your local grocery store and they compost after Halloween so another sustainable decoration. They come in all shapes and sizes so go for a variety of styles to decorate around your home.

Pampas grass and miniature pumpkins on mantelpiece
Miniature pumpkins on a plate surrounded by plants

Painted faux pumpkins

Another easy DIY Halloween decoration is to paint faux pumpkins. I picked mine up on eBay and used old paint tester pots from Farrow and Ball to paint them in the colours I have in my home. Again they will be used year after year.

DIY Halloween decoration painting pumpkins

Black candles

Simple and affordable, black candles will definitely increase the spooky atmosphere in your home. You can go full on black with black candlesticks as well for more impact.

Spooky Black candles and black bats used as Halloween decorations

Spooky Branches

These witch hazel branches are a pretty spooky Halloween decoration as they are. The twisted branches remind me of Medusa’s hair! You could leave them like this or to add a little bit more drama you could spray paint them black as I did.

Witch hazel branches in a vase on the mantelpiece. Simple spooky DIY Halloween decoration, natural elements

They would make a perfect centrepiece on a Halloween table or on a porch outside if you have space.

Halloween Table

To bring it all together you can set the table with lots of spooky Halloween decorations. Pile on the pumpkins, branches and candles.

Halloween spooky table setting
Halloween decorations for table
Close up of Halloween table settings

Another simple decoration is to spray paint an old wine bottle and put spray painted black branches into it.

Hopefully you have gotten some inspiration for your own spooky Halloween decorations from this blog post. Be sure to let me know in the comments below. Enjoy the witching season and stay safe.

If you are thinking ahead to Christmas you could also have a look at making this Natural Christmas Display for your mantel.

DIY Spooky Halloween decorations


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