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11 Easy Ways to Cosy Up your Home for Autumn/Winter

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Interior Design, Seasonal

Now that the days are getting cooler we are all looking inward to our homes to make them cosy and warm as we approach winter. The leaves are turning to coppers and rusts and we want to huddle up with a hot drink in front of the fire. I’ve put together 11 easy ways to cosy up your home for Autumn/Winter. And it doesn’t mean going out and buying lots of new things though. You can just change your accessories out for warmer, cosier colours and fabrics. Also look at your layout to see if you can give it a more intimate feel.

Interestingly when I did my Colour Psychology course with Adele Roche it turned out my personality type was Autumn Fire. I’m really drawn to the colours of this season. Below is the moodboard I put together to showcase the Autumn Fire personality type. See if it resonates with you too.

Autumn Fire Moodboard for Colour Psychology course. Style at No.5 Interiors
Autumn Fire Personality Type Mood board

Take your inspiration from nature and the colours you see outside at this time of the year. Embrace the browns, golds, oranges, rusts and dark greens. Incorporate these colours into your home in accessories to cosy up your spaces.

Autumn leaves on the ground and trees
Autumn leaves in rich colours

Before winter hits now is the time to get your home ready. If you’re not ready to skip ahead to Halloween just yet then this list is for you.

Change out your cushions and layer up texture in your rooms

One way to cosy up your home for Autumn/Winter is to make a simple change like swapping out your summer cushions in cotton and linen cushions for velvet or wool to make a difference to your interior spaces.

Cosy Autumn/Fall cushions and Farrow and Ball paint card
Cushions in cream and black

Also introduce richer and warmer colours like green, cream and rust or mustard to warm up the room. You can buy cushion covers without getting rid of your existing cushions or buying new ones.

Cosy up for Autumn/Fall with these soft textured cushions and throws and baskets
Autumn colours in your sitting room

Introducing throws, sheepskins and more rugs to your rooms will make it warmer and cosier for the winter months. It is also another way to add texture to the room. Trust me it is lovely to step out of bed onto a rug or sheepskin. It makes the dark, early mornings a little bit more bearable.

Wooden textures are perfect to cosy up your home for Autumn/Winter. You can introduce them by accessorising rooms with wooden chopping boards, freshly chopped wood for your wood burning stove stacked in the corner of a room or wooden coffee or side tables.

Now is the time to start using a table cloth or table runner to dress up your table and add texture to your kitchen or dining room.

Layer in texture in your dining room with a table cloth
Cream and black table cloth on a dining table

Cosy up with Candles

Autumn /Winter is the perfect season for candles and lighting up your home and garden with them. There are lots of Irish candles made from natural resources like soy wax and beeswax to choose from.

Outdoor lanterns and candles on wooden chopping board
Candles on a wooden chopping board
Cosy up your home for Autumn/Fall with candles on the mantlepiece in the sitting room
Candelight in the sitting room

Warm up the walls with paint or wallpaper

While it doesn’t actually change the physical conditions in a room, changing the paint or wallpaper on the walls from something like white to a warmer feeling colour can actually make you feel warmer in a room.

Below is a boy’s bedroom that we changed from white to a warm sage green – Lichen from Farrow and Ball. It made a huge difference to the room without changing anything else.

White bedroom with pictures on the walls
White panelled wall boys bedroom
Boys bedroom in Lichen from Farrow and Ball
Boys bedroom painted in Lichen from Farrow and Ball

Cosy up your lighting with twinkly lights

Festoon lights draped across a wall or along a shelf in your kitchen can add to that cosy feeling for Autumn/Winter. They are not expensive and don’t look too festive, so if you want you can leave them up all year.

Green kitchen with festoon lights
Plug in festoon lights in the kitchen
Outdoor festoon lights
Solar powered garden festoon lights

Another way to cosy up your home for Autumn/Winter is to add lamps and lighting to darker corners in your room. It’s always a good design trick to have lighting at varying heights and areas in your room so that you don’t rely on your main central pendant to light the space. You might not have noticed it in the summer but now is the time to check your bulbs and make sure your they are all working.

Update your outdoor area for cooler weather

Just because the summer sun is gone it doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to enjoy your outdoor space for a bit longer. Keep your outdoor rug outside for a bit longer and bring out some of your cushions, throws, dried flowers and use lantern lights and festoon lights to light up your back space.

Cosy up your home for Autumn/Fall and include your outdoor space
Rug and throw in a basket in outdoor setting
Cosy outdoor space
Outdoor area set up with rug, cushions, lanterns and dried flowers

Embrace the dried flower trend

Dried flowers are so popular at the moment and while you can buy them in various stores or from local florists you can also dry them out yourself. Two of the easiest flowers to dry out are Pampas grass and Gypsophila. You can just leave them in a vase without water and they will dry out nicely over a number of weeks.

Dried pampas grasses in a black and white vase
Dried pampas grass
Dried pampas grass in a white vase on a mantlepiece
Dried pampas grass and ornamental pumpkins
Dried gypsophilia buds
Dried gypsophila buds

Bring in natural materials – branches, leaves, conkers

The most budget friendly and maybe most effective way to cosy up your home for Autumn/Winter is to incorporate natural materials that you can find outside in nature. Dried branches, fallen leaves and conkers look good displayed on wooden chopping boards.

Dried branches in a vase
Fallen branches in a vase
Candles on a wooden chopping board with conkers and leaves
Natural conkers and leaves on a wooden chopping board
Natural nuts in a bowl
Autumn nuts in a bowl

Swap out light sheets for warmer bedding

With Winter approaching you start thinking about swapping your lighter summer duvet for your winter one and maybe putting the electric blanket back on the bed, or is that only in our house? You can also layer up with throws and blankets to make the room cosier.

To change up the look of your bedroom you can add cushions in richer colours and accessories around the bed such as branches, leaves, candles and Autumn decorations. Obviously remember to blow out the candles before you go asleep. It is recommended that your bedroom is kept cool so that you sleep better, but you can still keep your bed nice and warm.

Warm cosy room with pink wardrobes and rust pillows
Autumnal bedding in rust and blush pink
Pink walls in a master bedroom with candles lit
Autumnal colours in the bedroom – greens and creams

Create an autumnal feel by decorating with fruits and vegetables

Another way to cosy up your home for Autumn/Winter is to decorate with items you might already have in your home. Or next next time you are in your local grocery store stock up on apples and pumpkins and pile them high in a bowl and display them on your kitchen table for an instant update.

Bowl of home grown apples
Home grown apples in a white bowl
Miniature pumpkins
Miniature pumpkins

Paint some pumpkins

If you want to hasten the advent of Halloween, without adding too much ghoulish decoration, you can start early with some painted pumpkins as decoration around the house.

Miniature painted pumpkins to cosy up your
Knitted pumpkins, painted pumpkins and real pumpkins decorate this Fall/Winter mantel

Reimagine the layout in your rooms

Finally, look at the layout in your rooms, especially your living or sitting rooms. Now is the time to move around your sofas and chairs. Draw your chairs closer together or draw them around the fire. Encourage conversation and sitting around together watching TV or having a drink and a chat.

So how are you going to cosy up your home for Autumn/Winter?
Let me know in the comments below…

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Pinterest graphic on how to cosy up your home for fall/autumn
Pinterest graphic on cosy up your home for Autumn/Fall
Pinterest graphic on how to cosy up your home for Fall. Sitting room image with candles lit on the mantelpiece


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