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Interior design Ireland | Interior designer Ireland

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With my expertise in home interior design, I design sustainable spaces that showcase your personality and improve your lifestyle and well-being.

Home Interior Design Services | Style at No.5 Interiors

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Home Interior Design Services | Style at No.5 Interiors
Home Interior Design Services | Style at No.5 Interiors
Home Interior Design Services | Style at No.5 Interiors

3 things I can help you with…

01. Confidence

You will feel confident making design decisions as you will have been fully supported on your journey to your dream space.

02. Quality over Quantity

With an eye for quality, I can guide you toward timeless pieces that stand the test of time. I’ll help you make the most out of every area, preventing unnecessary purchases and ensuring a clutter-free, efficient home.

03. Energy Efficiency

From choosing the right window treatments to suggesting energy-efficient lighting, I always consider sustainability. These choices can lead to lower utility bills and a more environmentally-friendly home.

3 things I can help you with…

How I do it…

I start with sustainability in mind

What can we invest in that you will love and pass onto the next generation? How can we support local suppliers and craftspeople and bring their stories into your home design? What can we reuse, recycle, upcycle?

I invest time really getting to know you. I want my design to work specifically for you and your family?

I’m not creating a magazine style interior for you, I’m creating a space which supports you to live a healthier life.

I don’t want to come back to you (unless to design a new space in your home).

I design with your future needs in mind, making sure the space is flexible and adaptable to future life changes. What we put in will last and not need to be changed!

I am practical and realistic.

I truly believe you can have a beautiful space that functions and looks good but you need to spend time planning it.

I provide impartial advice, in plain and simple language.

I work with your best interests in mind and design specifically to your needs.

Which Interior Design service is right for your home?

You would love to finish the room taking into account sustainable design considerations.

You’ve spent time, love and money investing in key pieces for the room but they don’t work together.

You’ve been staring at the same space for ages and saying ‘something’s missing’.

The room is a blank canvas. You want to completely redo a room in your home or it is a new build project.

You want to consider sustainable design choices and ensure that what you are putting into the room is of a high-quality and will last for years.

You’ve gotten it wrong in the past and you want expert guidance as you design this room.

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