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5 Simple ways to decorate your home for Easter

by | Mar 21, 2021 | Home, Interior Design, Seasonal

Easter is a time for celebrating, for new beginnings, for rejoicing. These Easter decorations are easy to do and you can get the whole family involved. They are a sustainable way to decorate with homemade and handmade decorations, without buying more for your home.

Sunlit Easter decorations on the table Style At No.5

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DIY Easter Egg Decorations

Painted real eggs

dappled light on Easter eggs on table

This was something I wanted to try as I had leftover paint tester pots (Farrow and Ball, Valspar, Little Greene and Colourtrend) and I hoped I would be able to keep the eggs for decorating each year.

Firstly I cleaned the eggs with vinegar. Then I used a skewer to put a hole in the top and bottom of the egg. I blew out the contents of the egg into a bowl to use later. To string them up I broke up a cocktail stick and tied some thread around it and popped it into each egg. The cocktail stick isn’t able to come out of the egg.

Then I painted one side of them with the tester pot paint and let them dry in egg cartons, before painting the other side. To be honest it was tricky to do as the egg kept moving and then the egg stuck to the sides of the carton and kitchen roll! They ended up looking far from perfect!

I’m not sure I will keep them for next year. if you aren’t too fussy about the finish they are a fun activity and some people have had success dipping the eggs in paint rather than painting them with a paintbrush.

Painted real eggs to use as Easter Decorations

Folded paper eggs

Painted and paper egg decorations Style At No. 5

Now this DIY Easter decoration was a lot easier to do and one I will definitely be doing again. You can use plain or coloured paper. I would go for a slighted thicker paper than printer paper.

Trace an egg shape on your paper. I used 9 shapes for each egg. Cut out the shapes with a sharp scissors. Fold the shapes in half along the middle. To make the egg shape glue one side of the folded paper to the next one. Keep going until you have all 9 paper egg shapes glued together to make a 3D egg shape. Before you finish glue a piece of string into the middle of your shape so that you can hang them up.

These were easy and fun to do and I will definitely keep them for next year!

DIY Easter tree with painted eggs and paper eggs
DIY Easter tree with foraged branches and homemade decorations

Salt dough eggs

DIY tree with foraged branches and hanging Easter egg decorations made out of salt dough
Painted egg shapes hanging on branches with Easter egg bags

It’s fun to get the kids involved in making decorations for Easter. These salt dough eggs were easy to make and fun to paint. There are lots of recipes online but this BBC one looks easy to make. We made them and moulded them into egg shapes and the kids painted them when they were dry.

Kids painting dough Easter eggs and stones outside in the sunshine
Painting in the sunshine

They also painted stones as Easter eggs while they were out in the sunshine.

painted easter decorations and painted rock
Painted salt dough egg shapes

Indoor Easter Egg hunt

If the weather is not suitable for an outdoor Easter egg hunt then these clues might be useful for you. The Easter bunny can hide eggs around the house and leave the clues as a guide for an indoor scavenger hunt.

Kitchen table and Easter tree and writing out easter egg hunt clues
Busy at work writing out clues
Indoor Easter egg hunt clues
Clues for indoor Easter egg hunt (some are a little rude!)

Floral Easter Mantel Display

I have created a few mantel displays but this is the first time I included flowers. I got different types of eucalyptus leaves from White Dove Nurseries, white hyacinths, white roses and dried lavender.

First I soaked my floral foam for 2 hours in water. Then I started to make a rough shape first using the green foliage and then added the flowers. I added the tall eucalyptus at the back as I wanted height and for it to look a little bit wild. I kept going until I had all the gaps filled in. And then I added the flowers.

I have it on my sitting room mantelpiece and hopefully it will last for a few weeks as my Christmas one did.

Eucalyptus leaves for an Easter display
Easter display on mantelpiece with flowers and greenery
Easter Spring flower arrangement on mantelpiece

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Napkin Bunny Ears

Grey napkin folded as Easter bunny ears with white plate and glasses

These bunny ears are so easy to do and are a really cute way to dress the table for Easter. Gypsophila is readily available and is a delicate sprig to add to your napkin ears.

You just need napkins (cloth or paper), string or ribbon, a scissors and some sprigs of flowers.

Start by laying your napkin out flat. Fold it in half so it makes a triangle shape. Roll from the point of the triangle. Keep rolling until it is a long roll. Fold the roll in the middle to make two bunny ears and secure with string or ribbon.

You can place an egg in the middle (painted or paper) and stick a flower into the string if you want. Place on your plate.

Napkin bunny ears to use as an Easter decoration on your table
Easter table decorated with napkin bunny ears and plants and candles
2020 Easter table setting

Pretty Easter table setting

For a pretty table setting you can use a tablecloth and tie your napkins with ribbon and decorate your table with painted eggs and sprigs of Gypsophila in pretty glasses.

Sun lit Easter decorated table
Table setting with sun shining on it and glasses and baby's breath
Close up shot of pink linen napkin and lavender and baby's breath
Easter table setting with Easter decorations and

Easter Wreath

To make a statement on your front door a Spring or Easter wreath is a great idea. You can get lots of faux or real wreaths online through Facebook or Etsy. Like anything I think it is worth investing in your wreath just so that you get a good quality one that will last.

I bought this real wreath from White Dove Nurseries in the Milk Market in Limerick. I like that it will compost when it’s finished and will dry out nicely on the front door while I have it up.

White Dove Nurseries Easter Spring wreath hanging indoors with white walls
Easter wreath in yellow, green foliage
Easter wreath on front door

Hopefully you have found some useful tips here on how you can decorate your home for Easter. I hope you have a relaxed, fun Easter with your friends and family.

So are you going to decorate for Easter?
Let me know in the comments below…

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Pinterest graphic for Easter decorations blog post
Easter decorations blog post Pinterest graphic
Easter decorations blog post Pinterest graphic


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