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5 of the Easiest Indoor Plants to keep alive

If you’re reading this I imagine you’ve little experience with house plants or like me you’ve killed a few in your time. I’m not exactly green fingered and until we moved into our house I really didn’t have any plants. Through trial and error I’ve discovered 5 low maintenance houseplants anyone can keep alive.

Based on my experience (and absolutely no horticulture skills) there are a few plants that I consider low maintenance. Some I’ve even managed to propagate and pass on new plants to friends and families.

What makes a good, low maintenance plant?

In terms of what makes a good, low maintenance houseplant I have a few criteria:

  • houseplants that grow well with just regular watering and aren’t going to die if you forget once in a while.
  • ones that have full foliage and add some interest to a room.
  • plants that have nice leaves and don’t shed everywhere.
  • houseplants that aren’t too expensive (so if it dies it’s not the end of the world).
  • plants that I can take a cutting from and spread the love!


This Pothos plant took a while to get going. I even brought it back to my local nursery when it started to turn yellow. Turns out it just needed a little more water!! It is a beautiful trailing plant with waxy leaves that comes in a few different variations, some plain leaves, some variegated (mix of white/green). This plant has thrived here in the hall on top of the coat stand. It gets early morning Easterly sun through the glass front doors but isn’t in direct sunlight.

Trailing Pothos plant, a low maintenance houseplant, easy to keep alive


This plant or tree is known as the Dragon tree has thrived just inside our front door. It gets lots of indirect sunlight on it and over the summer I fed it with Bio Feed every second week or so. This seems to be the best place in the house for it and it’s gotten lots of new foliage and grown much taller. I like it’s strong form and architectural leaves and that it fills up the corner with greenery.

Dracaena plant, thriving here in the corner with indirect sunlight

Spider Plant

This, I think, is the most low maintenance of all the plants. It has a beautiful long leaves and except for the occasional brown leaf tip it looks good up on this shelf. This plant has been in the kitchen since I bought it and doesn’t mind the strong smells, changes in temperature or the infrequent watering. The best thing about this plant is that when little spider babies grow on it (little offshoots with their own roots) you can cut them off and plant them in new pots. I’ve gifted two plants to friends so far and they’re thriving.

Very low maintenance houseplant, thrives all on its own, the spider plant.


I will admit I have killed an ivy in my time but it was a case of over-watering. It had lived for 3 years successfully to that point so I still maintain it’s an easy plant to keep alive. They’re also very affordable so you can have them all over your home. IKEA is a good source for ivy. This one is in the corner of our upstairs bathroom in an Elho hanging container and does well with a little bit of light. One tip to keep your ivy looking well is to spray the leaves as well as watering the roots so that the leaves keep their moisture.

Ivy in Elho hanging basket in the bathroom. Very low maintenance

Asparagus Fern

There are a few varieties of Asparagus Fern and I have this one and another one with more frothy leaves (which I love but I don’t think it’s as easy to maintain). This is possibly the best plant because it grows ferociously fast. I’ve already divided it in two and both plants are growing successfully. After 2 months I think it’s nearly ready to be divided again. You could fill your house with this plant alone!

Asparagus fern, very easy plant to keep alive and to divide and create other plants.

And just before you think I’m some sort of plant whisperer, I’ve had no success with succulents or calathea plants and I have lost a few plants in my time. They add so much to your home and I think make the home a happier place so I think it’s worth taking the risk.

I bought all my plants from local suppliers, Busy Bee Garden Centre, Lidl, B&Q and Woodies.

What’s your favourite houseplant? Let me know in the Comments below.

5 easiest plants to keep alive, low maintenance and beautiful looking

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