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Declutter and Organise your hotpress in 5 Easy Steps

by | Jun 29, 2019 | Interior Design, Lifestyle

It’s one of those jobs, always on the long finger. Not an issue until there is a 3am “incident” and you can’t find sheets, duvet or pillow cases to put on a bed! Now is the time to declutter and organise your hotpress (linen cupboard).

I had some idea where things were. However, with winter hats and scarves in a bag at the back and duvets piled on the top shelf, the hotpress looked like this at it’s worst!

So I set about decluttering and organising the hotpress to make finding things that bit easier.

Very disorganised hotpress shelves
Image credit Style At No.5

1. Declutter the hotpress

And so one bright sunny September Sunday morning I decided to tackle it and declutter and organise the hotpress.

Step one was to empty the hotpress and cover our bed in sheets, pyjamas, towels and duvet covers. I weeded out a a few things were take to the charity shop. The rest was piled high waiting to go back into the hotpress.

2. Measure the dimensions of the hotpress

Next job one was to measure the shelves; width, depth and height and figure out what storage we needed to house all the bits and pieces.

Empty hotpress ready to be organised
Image credit Style At No.5

3. Get storage boxes

Then a trip to the shops to buy storage boxes. I headed to Homestore and More, with my measurements in hand.

I picked up hard plastic storage boxes in grey and white in Homestore and More and also two softer boxes in grey with white feathers in Homesavers. Choosing neutral colours so that they would work anywhere in the house.
It means I can use them in my wardrobe or the kids wardrobes and they won’t clash with the colour scheme. I’m all about adding a splash of colour but not somewhere I want to add order and calmness!

4. Organise your hotpress

Finally you need to decide what is going where. Fill the boxes with pyjamas, separate flat sheets and fitted sheets and keep all the kids bedclothes together to make changing sheets in the middle of the night that bit easier.

Neat and tidy hotpress shelves. Organise your hotpress
Image credit Style At No.5
Grey and white towels to match the boxes in the organised hotpress
Image credit Style At No.5

5. Label your boxes

The final step is tie little labels to the boxes e.g. single sheets, double duvet covers, pyjamas etc. so everyone knows where everything is.

Labels on boxes
Image credit Style At No.5
hotpress with labelled shelves
Image credit Style At No.5

So that’s it, a fairly orderly hotpress, for the moment anyway. Let me know in the comments below if you are organised or just throw stuff in and hope for the best!

If you are looking for some more inspiration to update your home have a read through my post on Refreshing Your Home in 2020.


  1. Catherine Oconnor

    Loved the article about the hit press Celine ….I have serious issues with mine. Thanks for the tips

    • Celine Gill

      Thanks so much Catherine, hopefully it’ll help you. To be fair mine has stayed pretty tidy since I did it so hopefully it works. Cx


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