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Wedding Videography Tipperary, Ireland


Signature Styling

Online (onsite for an additional fee)

45 minute video call

Design Plan
delivered 2-3 weeks from initial consultation

online From €375 per room (onsite + €100)

Note: Open plan spaces are considered separate rooms based on use. (e.g. Kitchen, Living & Dining would be considered 2 rooms)


Picture this…

You open your front door after a long day. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by clutter and uninspired design, you’re greeted by a space that exudes warmth, harmony, and style.

Every corner is carefully considered and reflects your personality and tastes, making you feel instantly at ease. You know you will be happy in this space for many years to come.

Perfect for when you are looking to add those important finishing touches to a space to really elevate how it works, looks and feels. The Signature Styling Service is designed to transform your space using my sustainable design principles. Adding comfort, colour, an improved layout and considered art, soft furnishings and accessories.

Signature styling

How it works…

During our Virtual Call, we delve into sustainable and achievable ways to finish off your room, tailored to your lifestyle, tastes, and budget.

Prior to our call, you’ll provide room photos, layout, measurements, and project goals, along with completing a style questionnaire to outline your preferences. On the call, I’ll ask you a series of questions about how you envision living in the space, identifying what currently works well and what doesn’t, ensuring the design caters to you and your family’s needs, now and into the future. We’ll talk through sustainable and sensory design choices to ensure what we choose has a positive impact on you and the environment.

Time to design! My design process begins with professionally curated inspiration.

Now that we know each other I’ll create a bespoke moodboard layering on top of your existing flooring, furniture, lighting, to really elevate the space. I’ll share inspirational images for how to finish the room, colour palette ideas, style options and suitable accessories. Once I have your input I can get to work on your final design.

Your finalised Signature Styling Design Plan plan awaits. Everything you need to add that layer of finish, personality and comfort to your space.

Exciting news, your design is ready! Sit back and enjoy looking through your finalised Design Plan which makes it clear how to bring your design to life. Your Design Plan includes: a concept board, a floor plan, a 2D visualisation, a carefully curated shopping list with clickable links for ethically sourced and local soft furnishings, styling elements and art. Also included a PDF packed with styling tips and ways to infuse your personality into the space.

It doesn’t end there. I’m there to answer all your questions on the design plan and support you as you implement it.

We will have a 30 minute video call to talk you through the design step-by-step so that you can create your dream room. I will also be available for 2 weeks follow up email support.

Signature Styling

Package & Price

– 45 minute video call
– Ongoing design collaboration
– Signature Styling Design Plan (comprehensive plan to finish your space)

From €375 per room

Note: An additional fee for onsite

Signature styling


What’s included in the Signature Styling Package?

✓ Expert design advice
✓ 45 minute video call
✓ Inspiration boards
✓ Professionally selected items to finish your space
✓ Personalised shopping list
✓ Moodboard in 2 weeks
✓ 2D visualisation
✓ Floorplan & Layout plan
✓ Style notes and tips
✓ 2 weeks post design support

Does this package include furniture options?

I do not include furniture options in this service. It is assumed that your space is already furnished and just needs the finishing touches, for example rugs, art, paint change, lighting and styling accessories.

What spaces are covered in this service?

My Signature Styling Package can be used for any space that needs that final layer of detail, refinement, and visual impact to complete your overall design vision.

Signature styling

Is right for you if…

You would love to finish the room taking into account sustainable design considerations.

You’ve spent time, love and money investing in key pieces for the room but they don’t work together.

You’ve been staring at the same space for ages and saying ‘something’s missing’.

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