Welcome to Style At No.5 Interior Design

Style At No.5 is all about making your home stylish and functional. A place that works for you, that makes the best use of your space whether big or small. Somewhere you’re happy to come home to, every day.

Sometimes it’s hard to get an overall view of how your home works and how individuals in your home use it. Maybe you know something is just not right but you can’t figure out exactly what it is.

This is when it helps to get another perspective on it, a new set of eyes. Style At No.5 can provide this and suggest ways to improve how you use your home.

There is no completely right or wrong way to design your home (despite what the magazines say!) there is only what is right for you and those that live with you.

Let me help you create the best version of your home, get in touch via my Contact page or drop a mail to hello@styleatno5.com.